Treat your companions with care, be they stone or flesh.




We recommend that you store your piece in the provided pouch. The pouch is made of an upholstery-grade microsuede that is easy to clean and very durable. It provides a nice dual layer protection from scratches by metal objects that may also be in your drawers or toybox.


Display is entirely appropriate if you wish. The sen kouros are beautiful in glass curio cabinets or on mantelpieces. Just be sure that if you lock them in a curio cabinet, you have the key handy!



Soap and warm water should be sufficient for daily cleaning. The pieces are dishwasher safe as well.


Do not boil! It's unnecessary as the sealant is non-porous and designed to be cleaned with soap and warm water. Boiling can damage the sealant. It is dishwasher safe, but by hand is the best method. The stone will retain the heat for up to 30 minutes after boiling, which makes it very difficult and somewhat dangerous to handle.



Marble is a 3-4 on the Mohs scale of hardness, about the same as brass. What this means for care is that you don't want to drop it or knock it against anything harder than the marble. It's all about impact absorption. When two materials collide, the softer of the two will absorb most of the impact and its material will compress and expand again, causing more brittle materials to form cracks and break. So if you drop the Sen Kouros on a carpeted floor, the carpet and pad will absorb the impact as its supposed to and the marble will exert the impact and be just fine. If you drop it on a concrete floor, it might break in two because the concrete is harder. Your body will not break the marble if you step on it or lay on it or bite it, but it could chip your teeth so we certainly recommend against trying that. If you smack it against a wooden headboard it will probably dent the wood, and... you should get the idea by now. Try not to drop it on hard floors or bang it against your banisters or mantles and it should last your lifetime.


The same goes for scratching. No part of your body is going to scratch the marble. Steel and concrete and other hard things will. We provide a lined storage and travel pouch and recommend you keep the Sen Kouros inside unless it is in use or on display. If you do scratch the surface, you can fix it with a little sandpaper and a sealant. We will happily do this for you if you prefer.


If you do break your kouros, please contact us to see about repairs. We'd be happy to repair the kouros if we can or talk you through the process.